Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cause of My Joy

Before I begin this article, I highly recommend to any reader to JUST GO! GO to Alabama and SEE what God the Lord has done with a simple nun who relied totally on His Eucharistic Providence.

It is easy to become discouraged over the political, religious and cultural wasteland which we have made for ourselves today. But through a one week encounter (for me and my family) with the nuns of Perpetual Adoration (namely the Poor Claire’s of Perpetual Adoration or PCPA) at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville Alabama I have completely changed my outlook.

In case you are wondering… YES, this is the little community that Mother Mary Angelica (secular name Rita Rizzo) created which was originally founded in Birmingham AL. You may remember mother Angelica from EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). The network that mother built for Jesus is still in Birmingham, but the little chapel (which served as the center of the original Birmingham monastery for so many years) is no longer a monastic chapel, though it is the chapel where EWTN broadcasts it's beautiful Mass every day... this site remains the EWTN studio location.

Instead, the Divino Nino (that is… the young Child Jesus) asked mother to build Him a temple (though she did not know what a Catholic temple was at the time that our Lord asked her). Mother was shortly thereafter approached by five different (and unrelated) families (who wish to remain anonymous ). These families contributed what must have been enormous sums of money. They stated that they wished to help her with whatever project she might have to serve the Church. Mother built this monastery in Hanceville, which is about an hour north of the EWTN network in Birmingham.

I assure you that you are unprepared for what your eyes, ears, and more importantly your interior yearnings for God are about to encounter.

I will write more about this later… and I promise to post some images and links to the PCPA nuns singing… which can only be compared to that of the Angels in Heaven.

For now... you will just have to visit them at

Don't let their fairly humble main page fool you. There is LOTS to hear and see on that website.

Your first stop should be the Photo Gallery

If you just wait around at the main page... you will notice the 'What's new' rotator which changes links every few seconds. Be patient and wait for the link entitled "Listen to the Nun's singing".

Click on that and just sit back AND LISTEN. My favorite is the Battle Hymn of the Republic!

The Kingship of Christ is alive and well... we just have to look at some of these growing orthodox orders to see it.

magis laxus
(more later)

Ahhh... PS: Here are the promised images which I lifted from the olamshrine website:

The Monastary

The Inside of the Shrine (Yes, that is an 8' Monstrance)

The Nuns (average age of vocation in the 30s)


NY Catholic Mom said...

Congratulations on your new blog!
I agree; the Fatima message is needed more than ever now.

Let's also try to spread the work of EWTN on Long Island and be a beacon of hope for the Northeast.

We need to revive our Catholic roots here, before they get lost forever.

Ljudmila said...

Congratulations from Argentina. Good step. Oh yes we are in an urgent need to spread good news everywhere, encouraging to read your message. Thanks for the links. Look´g forward to the pictures.

Ljudmila said...

Thanks for the pictures. Beautiful. About the nuns average age in their 30´s? Awesome!