Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was listening to EWTN on the short wave radio as I was falling asleep last night and I heard Bishop Bruskewitz quote something from an unknown source about ‘battle scars’.
He said “when we die, one of the things our Lord will look for in us are the signs of battle scars. If he does not find any… he will ask us ‘was there nothing worth fighting for?’”.

I’m hoping to become as perfect as I can be here… but I realize that I will probably have to do some time in Purgatory. But in any case, I am already aware of what few scars I have.

Nevertheless, this comment (though only allegorical) made me stop and think of the old saying 'If I were arrested today and held in prison on suspicion of being a Christian... would there be enough evidence to convict me'?


Anonymous said...

From someone who actually knows you, I'd vote "Guilty as charged."
You're way up on the list of honorable Christians in my book!

Leticia said...

I'd testify 'against' you anytime, pascendi!