Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Republicans Will Have To Win Me Back, Fair & Square

A few weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me (via e-mail) to a local Republican political aspirant who is claiming to be a conservative. I will leave his last name out of it for the time being.

The exchange went as chronicled below.

Political Aspirant:
I believe we have to play under a big tent. The liberals who wish to reinvent the constitution, destroy the sacrament of marriage and turn our economy into Europe's are playing under a big tent. We must as well. There will no doubt be debate and argument under our tent, but better that it's OUR tent that we're under and not theirs. (My comment: As a voter why the heck should I care WHOSE tent it is. You work for me! It's not the other way around.)

Right now, we're forced to play under their tent and it's ruining our Country. Just because Rick (LAZIO... who I believe is a Catholic) was not "as" pro-life as we may have wanted, doesn't mean I shouldn't be proud to have his support or to support him. That's my feelings on it. Just being honest. Of course, the other side would lie or dance around it.

Here is my reply:

Dear Xxxx: Thanks for your thoughtful response.

A few observations though, if I may:

I'm more concerned with the "conservatives" who have already bargained much of our freedoms away under the banner of the Republican party.

It is "big tent conservatives" that have helped ruin the economy, family and many various freedoms as a result of "trying to appear mainstream". They have squandered away years of progress in the name of "big tent politics". This can not be blamed just on the Bush administration but on Republican senators & congressmen who appear to have no real understanding of the meaning of the word "conserve" when it comes to the Constitution and so many other time tested values.

A lesson from history if I may: Before WW-II Neville Chamberlain was considered a "big tent guy". Churchill was not. Churchill was considered an ultra right winger. It took continued bombing from their friends the Germans (and a lot of political failure on the part of Churchill before the war) to wake up the British electorate. Yet Churchill remained who he was before the war, during the war, and after the war. That is integrity. Integrity is as essential today as it was then (perhaps more so).

You and I would not be in this position if the last 3 Republican administrations had been less "conciliatory" towards Marxism & Globalism and issues that have to do with the rights of the American worker (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc...) and the family (abortion).

I have never believed that Radical Islam was the number one enemy of our nation. I have come to the conclusion that the Republocrats use this scare tactic because they can. Contrastingly, the Demicins cozy up to radical Islam and support puppets like BHO because they feel that the “enemy of their enemy is their friend”. And since they have the "old media" on their side they can do it for a few years longer.

I no more fear BHO’s Islamic roots than I do the very Marxist roots in many Republicans. Those Marxist roots came from our terrific public education system.

The real scourge which is killing our nation is ABORTION. And while both parties play with the issue (neither wanting the issue to go away very much because they both receive political capital from the “dangling carrot of abortion”) FORTY FOUR HUNDERED babies die each day and FORTY FOUR HUNDERED American men and women are psychologically & spiritually scarred for the rest of their lives by the ravages that abortion and the contraceptive mentality cause.

At least the minorities that are taking over our country have enough self respect to multiply. Perhaps they are more deserving than we. At least when it comes to believing in God, they put their money where their mouth is.

Respectfully yours

PS: A friend of mine chimed in with the following:
"We are 63 trillion in debt. We can't just blame the democrats for that. Good job.
Campaign for Liberty is my only affiliation with the GOP.

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