Saturday, August 23, 2008


A recent blog has appeared which chronicles the sudden and unwarranted changes at a parish in Massapequa Park, Long Island, NY. This is the parish of the newly assigned Msgr. James Lisante. The changes were permitted by Msgr. Lisante and carried out by some priests in the parish that evidently do not care about the sense of the faithful in that parish.

A close look at this blog is worthy of your time. For, not only does the blog delineate the criteria for true evangelical beauty, it provides examples and contrasts between the "hermeneutics of rupture" and "the hermeneutics of continuity" which our Holy Father has referred to as cardinal prefect and also in his 2005 Christmas Address. I would draw your attention to the 35th paragraph and following in the Christmas Address.

Please check this blog out. It is called Save Our Lady of Lourdes Massapequa Park.

One parting note: A recent blog commenter (I can not remember who), once stated that the folks that fight the most about the meaning of the Council (they refer to VC-II), are usually either liberals or sedevacantists who have usually never actually read the council documents. I find this assertion to be terribly true. Those who think they know it all and need not study scripture or the Church teachings often will quote both with high emotion, double speak and do so with an ideological "Exacto-Knife". This goes for layman, priest, pastor, bishop... and yes... even sometimes a cardinal. I would like to do a post at some other time later in order to inform the layman about what one can do to remedy these things in his/her own parish. For the remedy is simple but requires a little work, some serious prayer... and a little sacrifice. More on that later.

I will publish comments on this post only if they are civilized, kind, intelligent, and provide a verifiable point of view. Sweeping assertions which are not rooted in present day reality or the teachings of the popes or sensus fidei will not be considered. So save your breath if you intend to rant.

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