Thursday, September 4, 2008


Friends: I posted this as a comment on a friend's blog... but I'm reposting it here for what it's worth.

Sara Palin’s acceptance speech was fabulous! She truly WOW’ed them.


Not to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm over Palin… but I observe that the working mom has slowly become the icon of the “so called ‘Conservative woman’”.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m happy that McCain picked someone pro life (though I think I might still “write in” for Ron Paul). I think that the “wascally wepubwican ” neocons are slowly moving the goal posts to the left each and every news cycle, however.

I guess it’s just in my nature to be pining for “roll-back” and not mere “containment”. It seems to me that over the years, due to the ever dangling ‘pro-life’ carrot… many orthodox Catholics have slowly morphed into what we now call ‘conservative Catholics’. In this sense, ‘conservatism’ has replaced ‘orthodoxy’.

The Palin choice baptizes the working mom concept which necessitates (in most cases) offering your kids conscience up on the altar of public education… that monastery of pedagogic naturalism and breeding ground of freemasonic ideals.

Naturally I'm delighted to see such an eloquent and tough stance against the 'throw away' society which has come to look at children with disabilities as simply a burden to be disposed of. And I suppose that the only way to fight off the moronic idol worship of BHO is to fight fire with fire… in this case using a radical (and I mean that in a good sense) female to fight radical feminism/Marxism. The strategy might actually work too.

While this may seem like news to be elated over… I don’t really think it’s necessarily all great news.

I think that ‘conservative Catholics’ need to begin studying just what it IS that they wish to CONSERVE? The abortion issue is an EFFECT of something… not the root cause of something. The root cause is how we look at man and woman and marriage and family through the light of all eternity. We will not win this battle of culture wars until we are willing to rebuild the culture… and we are not going to do that with the working mom. Why? Because the bedrock of any culture is the family… and the heart of every family is a woman. If the heart is divided then the bedrock is weakened.

There are some strong and courageous Catholic women who I know who must work due to economic reasons. For we have built a culture on Long Island where in many cases, a single income is not enough. What we need to be working toward is promoting ideals which make it easier for mom to stay home when the children are young. Some of these working mom’s that I know could be a mighty force for change in the local Church if they did not have to hold down a job too.

We men must work to somehow re build a civilization which permits mom to be a full time mom.

Sara Palin’s nomination will certainly help McCain win the election. It will not help us win the so called ‘culture wars’… which begin in the home.

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Anonymous said...

Applause and thanks from this traditional Catholic mom for your defense of motherhood and the family.

As tempting as it is, I think if we unconditionally canonize a mother of an infant and young children as the savior of the Republican Party, the consequences will be disastrous.