Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Center of the Center

I have not written a blog post since 2009! Mainly because I felt there was nothing important enough to blog about. Or perhaps I felt that what I had to contribute to a discussion would only be received by a small group of friends... and handled best by the intimacy of e-mail.

But I believe that something has gotten my attention and it is IMPORTANT for me to write about it in a public way. It is important for me to organize my thoughts and experiences for myself and my children and grandchildren. It is also important to organize them for those who care to read these experiences. For my experiences in the Catholic Church as a layman span a great deal of movements and 'spirits'. And there is lots of time to look back on. I will be sharing all of this as I write.

We all have our conversion stories to tell if we are Christians. My conversion began when I was in my early 20's. An important aspect of this conversion (or shall I say REVERSION as I was a cradle Catholic who abandoned my faith the day after I was confirmed)... is my experience of what should be the center of Catholic life: The liturgy.

And so the up coming series of short articles I will be writing will be about the center of Catholic life... and indeed the center of the Universe. For, if as Catholics, we believe that the Eucharist is the center of the universe... then the Mass is the expression and reality of that center. It is the center of the center... and therefore it IS the very core and expression of our existences as Catholics. If you agree with that statement... then you do not need to read anything else. If you disagree with that statement or you are not sure... then please stay tuned.

vty Pascendi

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