Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cranmer's Godly Order, by Michael Davies

What is Coming Next

Tomorrow, I plan to list the names of the 16 Chapters of this book I'm reading which is entitled "Liturgical Revolution, Volume I": or "Cranmer's Godly Order". I will also give you a brief introduction to who Cranmer was and why he was so influential a person during the protestant liturgical revolt or the so called "Reformation".

I can tell you that as an Irish Catholic... I have found these chapters interesting and at the same time... I have felt my blood boil. You will see why soon.

Brief Disclaimer
Because the Mass is so close to the heart of every Catholic it can be a sensitive subject. Our own individual likes and dislikes regarding the Mass are often views held with such personal fervor... that it becomes difficult to speak about the Most Holy Sacrifice unemotionally. Also... it is not uncommon for folks to believe that their ideal or some other ideal is the most 'catholic' or universal ideal. But all these impulses are just opinion and a matter of taste. I'm not interested in opinions or tastes here. I'm only interested in what the Church documents ask of us regarding the Mass. I'm interested in an authentic implementation of Vatican II and in the Mass which is so often talked about by all of our great popes... and most especially the present pontiff.

So with that... I'm hereby stating that I have full trust and confidence in the present magisterium to teach and guide. I may not always understand every little practical detail that comes up in "this public ritual" or "that public Mass"... or "this small document" or that "big letter from some group of bishops"... but my intent is always full obedience and communion with Rome and with my own bishop as far as is humanly possible and canonically required of me as a layman.

vty Pascendi

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